how to Start a Blog

How to start a blog?

Are you decided to start blogging,thats great.I will teach you How to start a blog.This decision change your whole life.

Because this is the only one life changer decision of my life. If you are interested to start your blogging journey.If you want learn How to start a blog.

and want eran 5 to 6 Figure income monthly.So i will help you how to start a blog.

For start your blogging journey are you looking and wait for the right time.

So attention Please! and start learn how to start a blog.

This is the best time for start your blogging journey.

because if you are start Blogging today and other people who started blogging after you.

it’s help you to your success,your success guarantee is 95%.this is the better chance and great opportunity for you.


YOU – ▪︎ If You are started today and learn how to start blog.
Create and setup your first blog.
▪︎After 3-5 Month you are a successful blogger and earn more then $500-$1000 Monthly.

OTHER – ▪︎Those people who will started blogging after you.

when you are Eran $500 then other people Setup theirs Blogs and learn How to start a Blog.

I think you’re understand with this example.

why you start blogging Today and current time.Dont wait for the right time.

this is the right time for starting your blogging journey.Because there is the no any right time.

so take a action currently!
This is the better chance for your success.


Step-1. Chose a niche/Topic for your blog
Step-2.Search a domain Name related to your niche.
Step-3.Choose a good web Hosting For your Blog.
Step-4.Setup your blog on WordPress
Step-5.Choose a responsive,lightweight and mobile friendly themes. . Step-6.Use Some great and useful plugins for your blog.
Step-7.Write your first Blog post on wordpress and publish.
Step-8.Best way to earn money from your blog.
Step-9.Bonus point – Pro Tips.

Before started Your blogging journey you have need to some guidance.

For making a profitable have to need basic knowledge,guidance and strategies of blogging for beginners.

I will help you to guide for How to start blog and all Blogging tips for beginners to advance.
Because without guidance you will not able to create a profitable blog and you’re not grow up in less time.
Our tips and strategies help you to how start a blog.

Why,Are you Start blogging ?

obviously! You start blogging For Earnings,but if you are start blogging today  you have gain extra benefits With us.

1.Make money Online-
2.Help Other to make money online and gain Fan base-
3.Gain Digital knowledge and Content writing experience

I think you have got a idea why are you start blogging.
So let’s Start with our 8 esay topics How to start a blog.Bloging For Beginners.

Step-1 Chose a good niche/Topic for your blog.

Niche is a particular topic to related your blog which type content you provide on your blog.

1.▪︎food,health,fashion,govts job,place related.
2.▪︎My Blog Niche is “Blogging For Beginners” its means i write all posts related to Blogging.
This is very important part of blogging journey for beginners. Did you know many bloggers (something 80%) are fail in starting 4-5 month in blogging.

you know why?

Because they are choose wrong niche/topic,they are not passionate about our niche/topic,they work for uninterested niche/topic.
Thet are write blog posts,but quit blogging after 4-5 months. Reason is,they are Choose wrong niche/topic.

How to Choose a good niche ?

Still confused?
Dont worry i will tell you how to choose a good niche/topic for your first blog.and how to start blog.

Niche is like a bonemarrow of our blog.So choose carefully.

Read the following topic before you choose a good niche for your blog with Blogging For Beginners.

▪︎always choose your interested topic/niche for blog.
Example-my favourite/interested topics is fashion,traveller,photography,sayri etc. If i start blog so can choose this type topic because this is my favourite topic.

so you always choose your favourite and interested topic for blogging niche.

Because if you are choose your favourite niche/topic,so you can write many posts related to your niche.

▪︎Firstly you open your mobile’s notebook and write your all most favourite and interested topic.

out of selected topic choose any two topic/niche and start work.

After selecting the favourite niche, you have need to choose a good domain related to your niche.

Step-2 Chose a good domain name for your blog.

Domain is second important part of blogging,
it’s depends on your niche.
Before choosing a domain name always included the keywords related to your niche.

if are you think what is domain name so dont worry i will tell you.

Example- is my website and “Bloggingforbeginners” is my domain name and .com .in .net .org is extension For countries wise.
Other example-,,,sarkari etc is domain names.

Before choose a domain name read the following topic.

1. Always Including the keywords related to your niche.

if your blog is related to fashion niche so you can choose a domain like,, etc.

Exmple-your blog related to govt or private job website so you can use domain name like,, etc.

And your search domain is already booked so use other extensions like .net .in .org .info but always choose .com extension because its world wide.

2.Best domain provider Companies- Godaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock, Digital ocean etc,

But best and my favourite is only two Namecheap and Godaddy

Godaddy and Namecheap’s Customers support is awesome so i like out of two domain provider Companies.

3. Always buy 2-3 domains with different niches because its help you extra earning.

but if you have not budget so don’t buy 2-3 Domains,

buy only your most favourite niche’s domain,after you start earning from your blog then buy others domains.

Step-3 Choose a Good Web Hosting For Your Blog .(How to start a blog)

Hosting is the very important For Every Blog because its important for SEO, ranking and Visitor’s value,

if Hosting speed is 1 second slow you are lose 50% traffic of your blog.

so how you can choose good Hosting for your website/blog?

Are you think what is Hosting?

If yes! Don’t worry i will tell you what is Hosting.
And you know what is Hosting so you can skip this part.

Hosting is place there are save your all information related to you blog on internet.

here your website is live for visitors

and here All Data save from your website.
But their is men question is how to choose good Hosting for beginner?

If you are beginner in blogging so you always choose startup plan For web hosting.

because in the beginning you easily handle your website traffic with startup plan.

after your website traffic is increase and start your earnings you will go with the pro plans.

From my experience After using many Hosting Companies.

my opinion is HOSTGATOR is best and affordable Hosting in India.and also best Hosting for beginners.

Their customer Support and services is excellent.

If you are Beginner so i will suggest you go with the Hostgator Hosting because it’s available in affordable price compare to other  companies.

in the beginning in blogging journey you can choose startup plan from Hostgator For 1 year minimum.

Because many other benifits in 1 year startup plans in Hostgator,you Can check all plans go to the website.

If your budget is low so you can choose 3 month Hostgator Hosting starter plans.

Don’t Buy 1 month  Hosting plan Because All Hosting renewal Price for 1 Month is expensive.

but 3 Month to 1 year Hosting plan is reliable For Beginners. After Choose a good Hosting for your blog, the next step is Setup your blog with wordpress.

So let’s Start with next step.

Step-4 Setup your Blog on WordPress

For setup our blogs many others  Platform is available today.

but i will recommend you go to the WordPress because its easy to use and you can easily customize it.

Today every Web Hosting is give you 1 click WordPress installation for you website.

many plugins and themes are available in wordpress for free and premium versions.

Many Bloggers and digital marketer are recommended for Blogger platform in Beginners.

But I don’t Recommend because its only time wasted platform.

if your are serious and think earn money from blogging so always Choose WordPress.

Because it’s Help you ranking and you easily customise your website according to you.

Did you know 90% successful Blogger are use WordPress.

so can easily think WordPress is very useful platform for every bloggers.

For setup your blog go to the Hosting Account and install WordPress.

after instilling WordPress go to the WordPress admin account and customize your website.

And after go to the WordPress admin account  let’s go to the WordPress Dashboard.

After All these processe next step is change your themes in go to the appearance section.
Still confused?
Don’t worry i will help you, how to choose and change your themes.

Step-5 Choose a responsive,lightweight and mobile friendly themes.(all theme i used personally)

Good Themes is very important for improving your website speed.

and also important for impress your visitors to spend more time in your website.

its help you to ranking and trust building for google and you can earn extra revenue.

Always choose responsive,lightweight and mobile friendly themes.

did you know many new bloggers are  choose heavy WordPress themes.

its affected to our website and make our website’s speed always choose lightweight and responsive themes.

i know you are beginners.

i also know it’s my responsibility to collect and give you right informations for how your are choose good themes.

Don’t worry i will help you to choose good themes for your blog/website.

After using many themes i will always suggest you to some best themes for WordPress.

This all themes are lightweight,responsive and mobile friendly. And best for beginners and pro bloggers.

Here the list for best responsive and lightweight themes-

1. **GeneratePress** – Generatepress is best themes for every blogger.

because its secure and stable,less then 30Kb.

Speed is always matter and it’s speed is top tier speed that great.many other features is available in this themes like Colours and typography,layout control,page builder friendly,and also mobile friendly. It’s great themes For Beginners and pro. this theme are available for FREE and Premium Versions. Absolutely! Premium version’s Features are extra But Free version is also helpful for beginners.

If you are beginners and you have a budget for theme so i recommend you go to the Generate Press premium version. Believe me this investment is worthy and valuable for you and your success,  Because you invest for self And your success.if you have no budget for this theme you can sacrifice and go to the Free Version for GeneratePress theme. But you have a budget  I always recommend you go to the premium Version in Generate Press Themes. because its help you to SEO and ranking.

2. **Astra Pro**- Astra pro is lightweight and Fully responsive theme you can easily customise this themes.this themes is design in fully SEO friendly like Generate Press,but Compare to Generate Press this theme have extra features,who has not available in Generate Press.Astra pro theme is one of the best theme For Blogging,this theme is very helpful for beginners.
There Support is excellent,I am also use this theme for other i will always suggest For ASTRA PRO Theme.

3. **Scheme theme**- scheme Theme is available in MyThemeShop its also crafted by MyThemeShop. Scheme Theme is fully customize and mobile friendly  theme. It’s best and great features is also search engine optimized.This Theme is Very useful for every Bloggers. I always recommend you to go with the “Scheme Theme”.If You are search other Themes You Can visit

4. Focus Theme By Thrive Themes – did you know Thrive themes products are awesome and great.Focus theme is Product of thrive themes,it fully customize and responsive and also mobile friendly,it is a lightweight theme with excellent support. I always recommend you go with thrive themes,Believe me this is your best investment for your blogging journey.
All this themes i suggest you,all themes are fully responsive and mobile friendly you can easily customise all this themes. Believe me all this themes i used personally for my Different- Different blogs.

Step-6 .Use Some great and useful plugins for your blog.(all plugins i use

plugins is very important for every website/blog. Every pluginis used for different work.
Example – Page builder plugin,seo plugin,security plugin,form plugin,gmail Collector etc.
Here are some great plugins for you.I already used these plugins for my blogs and increase my traffic,security and other important things.

Let’s talk about great and useful plugins For How to start a blog.

1. Yeost SEO plugin

Yeost Seo is best plugin for Search Engine Optimisation.You Can used Easily this plugin.this is very helpful for SEO and ranking your post top 10 pages.This is available in FREE and Premium Version,You can go with the FREE Version and also go with PREMIUM Version, absolutely Premium Version’s Features is different from FREE version’s Features but all versions are helpful.You can go with Free and Premium versions according to your budget.

2. Wp Rocket plugin

did you know speed is most important factor for SEO and ranking on google’s top page,WP Rocket Plugin is help you to increase you website speed and make it fast.I will always suggest you to buy this Plugin and make your website faster,if you are search this type of plugin go with lightspeed cache.

3. Elementar and thrive architect plugin

Elementar and thrive architect is great plugins for Website and page builder,look your website professional and beautiful.You can easily builde websites,and landing page  with drag and drop service,you Can use this plugins for any response and mobile friendly themes.

this plugin is very helpful for landing page building.I strongly suggest you to buy this plugins For website and page building. Elementar’s free versions is available,but you can go with premium Version for more features.thrive architect is also great plugin for Beautiful page building.

4. Anti spam plugin

many time,someone make spam and wrong comments on your website,this plugin is help you to delete spam comment if anybady comments look like this plugin is Automatically removed spam comments on your website.

5.iThemes Security plugin

your website’s  security is very important,because Hacker is always try to hack your website and they can access your all data. Did you know daily 30000 website is hacked from hacker. This plugin is secure your website from hacker and other dangerous activities. So always think your website’s security. And stay safe with hackers.

6. UpDraft Plus plugin

website backup is necessary for every bloggers because if any reasons you will lost your website data,this plugin is help yo to recover your all website,so you can easily restore your all data on your website,i know many Hosting Companies are provided daily backup services,but for extra security reason this plugin is very helpful for know backup is very important.

7. Social snap pro Plugin

social snap pro plugin is for social sharing.i like this plugin because this plugin is help you to get hug traffic through the Facebook,Instagram,Twitter and many other social platforms. I suggest you to this plugin, because it”s very helpful for you.

8. Thrive leads plugin

if you want to collect email address of your visitors,so you can try thrive lead.this plugin is help you to collect email address and also help you to make pop-up box,screen filter overlay,content look,and many other features. If you are interested try this plugin,i think you love this plugin.

9. plugin

If you are use many images in your articles so you have need for images optimisation.this plugin is help you to optimized images for your articles,and make your website fast. If your write articles and give examples through the image so this plugin is very helpful for you.i will strongly suggest you to use images for your articles because 1 image is equal to 1000 can use this plugin.

This is my favourite plugins and also very helpful for me. Because this plugins are Top plugins. I almost used all these plugins for my website and my experience and there service is very good.I am strongly suggest you to these plugins.

I will never suggest you to nulled and free plugin because it’s easily hacked by hackers.i always suggest you to useful plugins for your blog. Always treat your blog like a business and invest for it’s Growing process,after some days you will receive benefits of your investment.if you think make money from blog so always work with investment mindset. Because it will make you a professional Blogger.

Did you know?How to install plugin in WordPress? Don’t worry i will help you to install plugins in WordPress

First step – Go to the your WordPress Dashboard.
Second step– then go to plugins  and click “add new” button.
Third step– and upload your plugin’s zip file and go to “install now” button.
Forth step- after installating your particular plugin,now click on the “activite button”.now plugins is activated you can use particular plugin in WordPress.after successful installation for all plugins you have to need write your first blog post and publish it and start your journey.
So let’s go to the Next topic.

Step-7. Write your first Blog post on wordpress and publish.

Are you excited? for how you write your first blog post and publish it,I know you are! because your original journey is started from your blog post.
First congratulations to you for your successful wordpress blog setup and welcome to your blogging journey.did you know it’s time to write some new blog posts for your blogs.
Are you Still  confused?
I know you have no idea how to write your blog post.But don’t  worry i will help you how you write new blog post for your have need to my help and I am always available for helping you.because it’s my passion.

So let’s start it.

I will give you some tips,tricks and Strategies for your blog post,they help you to write your first blog post.This is most important part of how to start blog.

1. Are you confused about finding the new blog posts topic for your blog so i will suggest you to search keywords related to your niche.if you are search keywords related to your niche you have find many ideas  for your blog post topics and you can easily rank with us. many  keyword research tool are available for free you can easily search dailyy keywords for your blogs.

2. My experience and Experiments about the keywords, i will always suggest you to go with long tail keyword  because its very easy to rank and you can get hug traffic with long tail keyword.

3. Always try to make a great and awesome title for your blog post and don’t forget to use number and power word.they help you to attract your visitors and you can get hug traffic.

4.   Always use images on your blog post through the example,its help you to make your articles impressive and beautiful and also look valuable. I will strongly suggest you to use images on your articles because 1 image is equal to 1000 words.

5. Always write lengthy blog post with more details,wirte Helping articles and also write with easy languages  who understand you visitors. Because you can make you visitors your true fans for future they believe you mostly.

6. I will recommend you to write your blog post with proper SEO like,on page seo and off page seo,SEO friendly article 100 % help you to rank your website on top page.
7. Always use keyword like I and You because these keywords are build relationships to you and your visitors,they connect with you. and they are time to time return on your website.
8. I strongly recommended you to don’t use copyrighted images and other copyright content  because it’s down your Google ranking,always use copyright free images and copyright free content. write unique articles for your blog post because it’s easily and fast rank on google with some Seo effort.

I think you are loved these tricks and i know they help you to write your  blog post.
So let’s go with next topic i think every blogger are work for this topic,because it’s also my favourite.How to earn money from Blog.
so let’s start!

Step-8.Best ways to earn money from your blog.

This is the favourite part for me i think this is best part for you because here i am shere many ways to earn money through the blogging with genuine method.before start talking about best way to Earn money congratulations to you for publish your blog post on your blog and best wishes to your blogging career.

Here the list of best money making ways from your blogs.

1. Google adsense and other add network
2. Affiliate marketing
3. Sponsored blog post
4. Provide services
5. Selling your course and product

Let’s talk about these all money making ways in details-For How to start a blog

1- Google adsense

every bloggers are use Google adsense and other ad networks companies for monetizing  their traffic and make money from is common way to Earn money from blog you can Earn big amounts of money through the Google adsense. If you are newbie so work with Google adsense.

2- Affiliate marketing

this is the one of the awesome way to Earn money  online,
if you are still confused? What is Affiliate?
Don’t worry i will tell you.
If your are promote particular products on your blogs,and visitor click this particular Products and if you get a sale,then you earn commission from the product owner. only you need to promote products on your blog and make money online.

3- sponsored post

You easily Earn money through the sponsored post. Many Companies are approach you to their sponsorship,you can accept their approach and demand money according you,and they will pay you after they will pay you money.  You only need to write a article according to company.

4 – Provide Services

you can provide our own services and earn money online.if you are expert on anything like digital marketing,SEO,Affiliate marketing etc, so you can Offer your services to your visitors and they will directly pay you.this is easy and best way to Earn money online,i know others way is also best. Earn money online is easy for every bloggers,only need some extra effort.

5-Selling your course and product

If you are sell anything you can do everything, if you have a master course for your audience you can build trust with your audience and sell your course and product. You have already audience you can sell anything,you also try to make relationships to your audience And provide quality course and quality Products to your audience and Earn money online.

Earn money online through the blogging very easy but you have need to patience and hard work regularly and believe me after some time you Earn hug money through the blogging,and you are think about me and say you are right sir. I repeat you want earn money through the blogging so keep patience,regularity,and work hard and treat your blog like a business and after some days they give you ROI = Return of Investment.

Step-9 Bonus point – Pro Tips

Blogging For Beginners: Pro tips and Blogging Strategies-How to start a blog

How to start blogging for beginners with pro tips.

1. Many blogger are recommended Blogger platform for blogging but i don’t recommend nulled plalform for you,i know Blogging is your career so i think You wouldn’t want me to make a mistake like i always recommend you to your go with WordPress because it is easy to customize and help you to seo and ranking.and you easily approved Google adsense account with WordPress site.and opposite site google not approved easily it’s take long time minimum 5-6 months for blogger website.So create website in WordPress.

2. buy best Hosting for your blog Because Hosting is very important for Seo and ranking factors, HOSTGATIR best Hosting for beginners. But in the beginning going with 1 year starter plan in HOSTGATOR Hosting, don’t buy Expensive plan in the beginning. Because hostgator Starter plan is handled your website traffic and save your money in Hosting.

3. Choose a good themes for your blog because it’s impress for your visitors and increase average time and down bounce rate and also your website look like professional.themes very important for SEO and ranking reasons. Lightweight and responsive themes increase your website’s speed.
Exmple Lightweight themes – Generate Press,Astra Pro,thrive architect is great themes.for better result you can use it.

4. Use plugins for your blog because it’s help you to many work like security,backup,spam,SEO,Page building,Email collecting etc,plugins make your work very easy and also Help In SEO.

5. Write lengthy article on your blog,make catchy discrption and meta discrption,Write Great title,and don’t forget using tags for blog post.

▪︎All these Blogging tips,tricks and Strategies i used personally and i get better result for my website and think this tips,tricks and Strategies helpl for you.